Service Liability Waiver

Delivery Terms & Conditions:

  1. It is the policy of RAD Curbside to guarantee delivery of containers to the curb only. RAD Curbside cannot be responsible for damages to driveways, sidewalks, buildings, parking lots, low wires, trees or other property after leaving the curb. RAD Curbside drivers have the right to deny placement due to safety and/or damage concerns. Lawns and driveways/sidewalks can get damaged from the weight of the container/truck. We reserve the right for our driver not to place containers on soft surfaces due to rain/inclement weather. Furthermore, the undersigned agrees to pay for any towing charges incurred after our trucks leave public roadways.
  2. We are not liable for property damage done to property not owned by you or your customer. We will not deliver if we cannot perform our service on your property, your customer’s property, or public property. You must have a property damage liability waiver form signed by the property owner, before we will attempt to place across property lines.
  3. Once our containers have been placed, DO NOT MOVE OUR CONTAINERS. If the container has been moved, you by signing this agreement agree to be liable for all associated property damages, move, or clean-up fees. A valid credit card is required in case of damage to container or non-payment of service.
  4. You may be required to have a parking permit/license by your local municipality for certain placements of containers (i.e. on the street). RAD Curbside is not liable for any fines or citations as a result of your non-compliance with local ordinances, and you by signing this agreement agree to comply with all local ordinances and are liable for any citations/fines.

Loading Terms & Conditions:

  1. The container is your responsibility while in your possession and you are responsible for any damage to the container until the time we pick it up. We accept no liability for the contents of the container.
  2. Do Not Load materials above the top of the container. Overloaded containers may be left on site for you to dispose of excess materials and may be subject to a trip charge.
  3. Containers cannot be filled with dirt, concrete block, bricks, stone or rock. Any RAD Curbside containers too heavy to lift and haul will be the customer's responsibility to off load prior to another attempt at pickup. Extra Trip charge or Overweight fee may apply.
  4. We WILL NOT ACCEPT any materials determined by Teton County Idaho to be considered Household Hazardous Waste. You are responsible for all material placed in the container, by you or other parties. Any materials considered Household Hazardous Waste may be subject to rejection or additional fees.
  5. We WILL NOT ACCEPT any materials determined to be illegal materials. You are responsible for all material placed in the container, by you or other parties. Any materials considered illegal material may be subject to rejection or additional fees.
  6. We WILL NOT ACCEPT any tire materials. No tires are allowed, per DEQ & EPA guidelines it is illegal to send them to the landfill. Any tires dumped at the transfer station will be subject to additional fees, each tire will be charged at a rate of $100 per tire.
  7. ASBESTOS INSPECTION REQUIREMENT – It is illegal to improperly dispose of any type of waste containing asbestos. If a structure was built prior to 1985 an asbestos inspection and certificate is required by the customer. If a demolition of any type potentially contains or is suspected to contain asbestos, the customer is responsible for having an asbestos inspection performed and certificate of inspection, with report, provided to RAD before delivery of any dumpster or container. If a load unknowingly or is unidentified as containing asbestos is determined to contain asbestos, RAD is not responsible for the resulting expenses which could include but are not limited to moving the load with the asbestos from its current location and, if possible, returning the load to the generating site at the entities expense. Additional fees and surcharges will apply to be determined by RAD. Idaho Asbestos & Abatement is located in Idaho Falls and can be reached at 208.529.6837 to ask further questions and schedule asbestos inspections.
  8. RAD is not responsible for the tipping fees charged by the Teton County Transfer Station or destination. Tipping and applicable non-service fees are pass through fees from Teton County to the customer directly. Teton County Transfer Station has sole discretion associated with the “per ton rate” charged for any load based on visual assessment of the materials during the delivery of the materials by RAD to the Transfer Station. All invoices to be paid to RAD in full at the assessed tipping fee and total. Any discrepancies or refunds for fees associated with tipping fees for a load are the sole responsibility of the contractee and Teton County Transfer Station

Service Terms & Conditions:

  1. RAD Curbside Inc. reserves the right to remove the container and close the account if no service activity has occurred within a four-month period.
  2. A valid credit card with sufficient available credit is required to act as a deposit. This card will not be charged unless the account becomes 60 days past due. Once an invoice is 60 days past due, by signing this waiver the customer authorizes RAD Curbside Inc. to charge the card for total current amount due on the account

By signing this agreement below, you agree, and are bound by these terms and conditions.

Waiver is applicable to all customer locations.

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