Construction & Demolition

Save by Sorting when you have a large waste project

RAD Curbside provides you with a dumpster rental and on-call pickup services for large waste projects including:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • House Cleanout

Sort N' Save

Save $1000's on tipping fees.

Did know you can save $235 per ton when you sort your waste?

  • Sorted Waste: $15 / ton
  • Unsorted Waste: $250 / ton
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Sorted & Unsorted Dumpster Rates

Dumpster Size*
*Dumpsters are based on availability. We will contact you if the size requested is not available.
  • Delivery Fee: $100
  • Pickup Service Fee: $175 / Pickup
  • Disposal Fee Sorted: $15/ton
  • Disposal Fee Unsorted: $250/ton

Business Information

Jobsite Information

Please be very specific. Use north, south, east and west in reference to permanent objects on the jobsite.

Billing Information

Required Reading & Waivers

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