Plastic Bottles #2

  • Number appears inside the recycling symbol usually on the bottom.
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How to Recycle
Plastic Bottles #2
  • #2 bottles only
  • Bottle Shaped Only!
  • Remove all caps and lids
  • Empty and Rinse well enough you would drink out of it
  • Examples: milk jugs, shampoo bottles, bleach & detergent bottles, household cleaner bottles, vitamin bottles.
Not Accepted
  • No dirty plastic
  • No #3-#7 plastics
  • No Non-bottle shaped plastics
  • No Clamshells
  • No Tubs
  • No lids or Caps
  • No Wrap or Bubble Wrap
  • No Plastic Bags of any kind
  • No Plastic grocery bags
  • No dry cleaner bags
  • No motor oil bottles
  • No black bags
What happens with
Plastic Bottles #2
in Teton Valley?

Recycled into post consumer content plastics such as “new” bottles, carpet, park benches, picnic tables, pipes, flowerpots, t-shirts, fleece jackets, or sleeping bags.