Weather Delay Policy

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Protocol: Twice Regular Amount Accepted on Next Regular Collection Day*

Customer Action: If RAD notifies you that weather conditions prevent collection of garbage or recycling, please remove the containers from the street.

Customer Notification Methods: all channels will be used

RAD - Txt Alert, Pre-Recorded Voice Message, Email, Social  Media

Communications via Community –Radio , Online News Feeds, Social Media

Service Remedy

  • Up to twice the regular amount of material will be accepted at no additional charge on the next regular collection day for each container* unless otherwise specified on this weatherboard or by special notification.
  • There is no limit on the number of clean recyclables accepted for collection.
  • No credit is given for postponed collection due to weather conditions, but up to twice the regular amount is accepted at no extra charge. Properly tied trash bags will be accepted for the additional trash.
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