Receptacle Management Policy

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Customers’ are responsibility for the management of the receptacles they select for service. Any damage to receptacles that is not caused or associated with RAD servicing the receptacles is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Customers are responsible for removing receptacles from the roadside or designated pickup location at the end of the day of service. If a service delay is communicated, the customer should retrieve the receptacle(s) and then put them back in their designated pickup location by 6am the morning of service day.

Broken receptacles due to vehicles or plows making contact with the receptacle are the responsibility of the customer and/or a discussion between the customer and plowing organization. RAD is NOT responsible for replacing broken receptacles not due to the actions of service. Upon accepting the receptacle from RAD, the receptacle is under the management of the customer and all costs associated with receptacle(s) replacement if not caused by RAD service, is the responsibility of the customer.

Costs may include but are not limited to receptacle cost, delivery, administrative time, etc. RAD may not replace the receptacle until any current outstanding invoices on the account and the replacement costs are paid in full.

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