You PAID what for WHAT?

Over $1 Million of your taxes has been used to close and monitor the former landfill in Teton County. Unfortunately, that is just the reality of landfill management.  

What can you do about it now?  While our local landfill is closed and will continue to be an expense burden in our taxes for the next many decades. It’s time to avoid repeating the problem that will cost us millions in the long term by recycling and therefore reducing the amount trash we send out of our Transfer Station to the landfill.Think burning it is a solution? Ask Casper Wyoming their opinion – in recent history, a wood chip fire jumped into a residential area and ended up burning down over 14 homes.The Current Situation - We are currently dependent on the Circular Butte (Mud Lake) Landfill to 1) accept our trash, 2) To have reasonable tipping fees and 3) be managed correctly to avoid environmental issues.   However, tipping fees can change at any time as we have no control over that and if the Circular Butte Landfill has an environmental issue… guess what, Teton Valley residents are going to get the bill! This potential cost presents the opportunity for each of us to make the choice to send less to the landfill by recycling and diverting.History shows that like all man-made structures, landfills will eventually fail. If you are not buying the idea of recycling, then take the time to contact the County and ask what the cost is to manage our former landfill, call our transfer station and ask questions or research the actual cost of a landfill online.  A good article for further reading: “Forester Daily News Landfill Economics” Part 1 & Part 2

Avoid costs for both yourself and the next generation …start recycling and diverting.

What is recyclable? - Any of the following materials can be sorted out of the waste stream, including Aluminum Cans, Tin Cans, Glass, Plastic #1&#2 Bottles, Paper, Corrugated Cardboard, view the below link for more material details.  Construction and Demolition sortable materials, such as wood, scrap metal, drywall, insulation, etc. For these materials to be accepted as “Sorted,” they must be “clean” and separated with no other materials attached to them - i.e.: drywall cannot have wood attached or wood cannot have metal attached

Add recycling to your account today!

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