WAIT... Self-Hauling Trash is More Expensive than RAD's Curbside Service ?


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IN THIS POST - How much does it really cost to self-haul trash and recycling to the Teton County Idaho Transfer Station?

Our objective is simple. We want to help you (our potential customer) understand the cost difference between bringing your trash to the transfer station yourself or using curbside pick-up with RAD. You will be shocked at how much serious money and valuable personal time you will save by having your waste picked up at the curbside. Service frequencies, like twice per month trash service, is only $18.74 per month. That is cheaper than hauling it yourself! Besides affordably priced service options, the County Transfer Station seems busier than ever before which means waiting in lines!

The REAL Cost to Self Haul

  • Value of Your Time: ~$15 per trip - From start to finish consider that you need to collect trash bags, load them into your vehicle, drive to the transfer station, wait in line, unload (add ~30 minutes in sorting time for those that recycle), wait to exit and pay, drive home, unload bins. Value your time at $15 per hour. Your spending $15 in labor. Is that really how your Saturday or day off is best spent?
  • Fuel Cost: ~$2 per Trip – The average person lives 4 miles from the transfer station (8-mile round trip). With a 15 mile per gallon vehicle and current fuel cost, you’ll spend about $2 in fuel.
  • Tipping Fee: $5 per Trip - (minimum) - It is a minimum $5.00 fee to bring up to 150 lbs of trash and/or recycling to the transfer station. Go over that weight and the cost increases incrementally.
  • One Trip:  $21.83        Two Trips:  $43.66

Fill out the equation - what's your actual Cost?

(Trips Per Month   x     Time / Trip     x      Your time/Hour )  +     Tipping Fee   =   YOUR Cost    (  ____Trips         x     ____Hours     x              $ 15      )         +         $_$5_         =    $_______

Compare:  Self-Haul vs. RAD Curbside Service

*** Remember, it usually takes 10-20 minutes for unloading recycling, if so add ~$5 to each self-haul cost ***


Self-haul downsides...

  • Uses up time on your day off or when you can be doing something enjoyable
  • Build-up of trash at your house or business
  • Spillage and aroma in your home or vehicle --> often leading to mice or pests
  • RAD is already driving routes. Driving to the transfer station is additional environmental impact


There is a better way to spend your valuable time. Enjoy life, be with family and/or friends, exercise or just kick back and relax. This is a great opportunity to give your significant other curbside service as a gift, so that they are not using their time to haul. It’s not bad idea for a Father’s Day gift either, if Dad is the one dealing with the stinky trash all the time. RAD donates 4% back to the community and is a proud supporter of wonderful organizations such as the Teton H.S. Booster Club, Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation (TVSEF), Teton Valley Youth Mtn. Bike Team, Teton Valley Community Recycling, Teton Valley Foundation, Teton Scrapers Youth Basketball, Teton Valley Soccer Assoc., Teton Valley Youth Baseball Assoc.

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