RAD Awarded Trash and Recycling Hauling Contract - What do You do Now?

August 18, 2015 – “RAD Curbside” (formerly known as “R.A.D.” or "The RAD Recyclers”) was awarded Teton County Idaho’s waste and recycling contract on Monday July 27, 2015 at the Teton County Idaho Commissioners’ meeting. The County selected RAD after a comprehensive eight-month process that included organizing a procurement team, identifying community goals, scrutinizing contract options, producing a detailed “Request for Proposals,” then finally forming a selection committee to review bids and make a recommendation to the Commissioners. Of the two companies that submitted bids (RAD and Voorhees), per Teton County staff report, RAD’s cumulative score was the higher.

“We are excited to bring this critical service back to a local owned and operated business, and it's great to see how much positive impact we can have on the community we live in. We will create new year-round living-wage jobs in our community through expanded recycling operations and will raise community awareness about responsible waste management. Even the regional economist from the Idaho Department of Labor analyzed our plan and identified substantial local financial impacts due to our “Local Purchasing Policy,” said Co-Owner David Hudacsko. “We will also be one of the first trash and recycling service providers in the United States to file as a B-Corporation*.

*B-corporations have a single difference from an S- or C-corporation in making a legal commitment in their operating agreements to use the power of their business to help solve social and environmental issues. The State of Idaho just began recognizing B-Corp filings in July 2015.RAD will focus on providing safe, reliable curbside pickup services for both trash and recycling, providing lower cost service options, educating the Teton Valley community about the environmental and financial value of recycling, and identifying the impacts it has on our local community. RAD has committed to increasing the diversion rate in alignment with the Teton County Transfer Station’s processing systems by providing services that make recycling easier and more convenient. RAD’s Local Purchasing Policy and Environmental Purchasing Policy will guide the company towards achieving goals of positive financial and environmental impact to the community. These policies will be available to review and download on www.RadCurbside.com. RAD will encourage businesses, public entities, non-profit organizations and households to adopt these policies. The new waste-resource management and operations plan is aligned with the Teton County Comprehensive Plan, its Economic Development Plan, and the Teton View Regional Plan.


  • Curbside garbage and recycling collection by one company - One point of contact and one bill
  • Preserve all current services and service delivery
  • More service choices - Such as 65-gallon trash roll-carts and once per month service
  • Lower cost options - as low as $11.70 per month
  • Metric-based analysis and planning - RAD’s “Diversion Metrics & Values Model”
  • Service expansion plans - Supported by qualitative and quantitative analysis<
  • Increased availability of service information – Via annual communications plan
  • Educational outreach about responsible waste management - via annual communications plan
  • Better customer service through more communication channels Optional - Customers can receive service reminders via text, email, calendar or all three
  • Increased local economic impact
  • Sponsorship and support of community events, organizations and individuals
Combining trash and recycling will make recycling easier, more convenient and affordable for valley residents and save the County money by diverting more recyclable materials from the landfill,” said RAD’s Co-Owner/Operator Aaron Powers. Powers is also Co-Owner/Operator of locally based Powers Excavating and Cowboy Compost.

An example of savings through recycling according to Teton Valley Health Care’s former operations manager back in 2011, “RAD’s recycling services have helped to lower our operational expenses by approximately $208 per month, which is a $2496 savings per year.” That’s a 5-year estimated savings of over $12,000 for our local hospital. Craig Bennett has been hired as RAD’s Operations Director. He brings 6 years experience as a National Safety and Operations Manager for Waste Management. Bennett anticipates new service efficiencies to accompany his management. A property owner in Teton County for several years, Bennett was looking for the opportunity to relocate here year round. "My fiancé and I fell in love with Teton Valley on our first trip here in 2010 and have been working to realize our dream of living here since then. This position will allow us the opportunity not only to be in the valley, but to contribute to the community at the same time."… Service Moving Forward, Transition of Service Provider and Actions …More service choices will be available to both residents and businesses. There will be new lower cost options, and more pickup frequency options (such as once per month service). Residents will have a limited-time opportunity by August 31st to select a 65-gallon trash roll cart for service. Over half of the options RAD will offer combine both trash and recycling services. Recycling will NOT be mandatory, however due to the value of recycling, combined service options may have incentivizing prices. RAD’s new website, www.RadCurbside.com, will soon host a complete set of service information. The new website is expected to launch later this month.

About Service Delivery Trash Services (Residential, Business and Commercial) will be provided in a similar (all the same service choices and more), but more efficient method as the previous provider with updated vehicles, equipment, receptacles and a bolstered approach to customer service. Service areas and days will likely remain the same as the current provider, however, since there is a significant change in number of service options some changes are likely.Recycling Services (Residential Only) will be provided in a similar way in which RAD currently provides service with “Dual Stream” pickup. Each residential recycling subscriber will receive two (2) 18-gallon locking lid bins; one bin is for metal and glass and the other bin is for paper, plastic and other select materials described on RAD’s current website (www.TheRadRecyclers.com). Corrugated cardboard is to be flattened and placed under the bins on the collection days. If a home is in need of additional bins, they may be requested.Recycling (Business and Commercial) entails commodity separation and businesses will be offered the appropriate receptacles for their volumes. Construction and demolition dumpsters will now be offered in a way that allows entities to separate landfill trash from such materials as concrete, lumber, metals etc. RAD will provide businesses of all types an onsite walk-through evaluation to help determine service receptacles and frequency.

Customer Participation Responsibilities - Service subscribers will need to set out their household garbage and recyclables for collection on a designated day for their particular area. Residential recyclers will be asked to ‘dual-stream’ sort, while business, commercial and “Construction & Demolition” subscribers will need to separate each commodity into different receptacles due to volume of materials. Further detail, such as Bear Proof containers and prohibited hazardous wastes, can be found on www.RadCurbside.com and in the Customer Agreement.

Transitioning Service Providers - There will be a 90-day transition period for the service provider change to allow RAD to set up customer accounts and modify operations to accommodate all service commitments. Service information and customer required actions will be forthcoming. RAD’s Trash service provision and applicable changes will become effective on November 1st, 2015. In an effort to provide insight to the community, RAD is planning a public presentation of their plan and services, which will include a question and answer session. Presentation date, time and location will be announced in the coming weeks. For more detail go to RadCurbide.com/faq

What Does this Mean to You? The previous hauler will cease service provision to County Residents at the end of October and RAD will begin providing services starting November 1st. All of the same and additional service options will be available to you through RAD. To continue service uninterrupted, you will need to create a new account with RAD and select a service level. Service options, rates and our recommended service level chart will be provided on www.RadCurbside.com, via email, print advertising and a direct mailer brochure


To avoid service disruption, you MUST create a new account and select a service level by Sept 15th.   *LIMITED TIME 65-gallon Can Service Due to ordering new roll-carts, manufacturing and distribution timing, if you want a 65-gallon trash can for your service, you MUST sign up by midnight on August 30, 2015.

You can create an account by one of the following actions:

  1. Go online to RadCurbside.com and fill out the new sign up form (Preferred)
  2. Fill out the direct mailer form (to be sent out in August) and mail to RAD
  3. Call us at 208.220.7721

*Existing RAD customers: you have an existing account, but will still need to re-select your service choice, we will call you to discuss. Businesses may request a free onsite assessment for service needs.

Managing Your Account - Customer accounts and methods of payment will include online bill pay, auto-pay, pay by phone, pay by mail and walk in service. Walk-in service will be available after we relocate to our new facility, location to be published shortly. More details will be available on the RAD website.

Additional service expansions, such as an increase in the types of recyclable materials, are planned throughout the term of the contract to support RAD’s vision for Teton Valley to have “No Wasted Resources.” RAD will be working with Teton County staff to explore expanding the accepted recyclable materials and modify the overall waste management system. RAD’s purpose is to “leverage the value of waste to improve the community.” Since trash is inevitable, growing and over 75% has value… By diverting materials of value from going to the landfill, such as sellable recyclable commodities, RAD will help Teton Valley realize new revenues.

RAD’s ideals will follow the ethic of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle and believes reducing consumption and understanding purchasing choices are the key components to effectiveness. We will communicate these efforts and intentions to meet the community’s pre-determined diversion goals through the annual educational outreach plan including print advertising, editorial, monthly e-newsletters, direct mailer, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog on Website and Linked In), etc. Our community involvement will include annual events, organization and individual sponsorships and grants. In the first year, RAD will select who they support from a variety of cultures in the valley such as sports (ie. rodeo/fair, mountain bike, powersports, etc.), arts (ie. music and leisure events) and non-profits. As part of the future sponsorship applications, RAD is considering a request to applicants to provide a waste-resource management plan and suggest adopting a “Local Purchasing Policy” and a “Green Purchasing Policy. ”RAD is excited to be Teton Valley’s Stewards of Service, Community and Environment. Our focus is on providing easy and efficient trash and recycling collection. If you have questions about RAD’s services, please visit our website at www.RadCurbside.com, some specific and common questions are answered on the FAQs page. RAD is currently accepting resumes for salaried and hourly positions with benefits - CDL driver (trash truck) and recycling route operators. Email resumes to info@theradrecyclers.com

About RAD

PO Box 366 | Victor, ID 83455

Email: Info@RadCurbside.com

Phone: 208.220.7721

Website: www.RadCurbside.com

R.A.D. or "Recycling Alternative Distribution,” is now RAD Curbside, Inc.; a Benefit Corporation. RAD is the first ever curbside recycling pickup service in Teton Valley Idaho and has been serving the Valley since 2010. RAD has been dedicated to improving and educating the community about the value of diversion. RAD's focus is to educate our community on the effects of recycling, the impacts it has on our local community both environmentally and financially and the impacts recycling has on our future. As RAD grows with community support, RAD will increase educational efforts, employ community members and abide by both it's "Local Purchasing Policy" and "Green Purchasing Policy". RAD believes in the reduction in consumption of resources and will "Leverage the Value of Waste to Improve the Community." RAD is owned and operated by local businessmen, David Hudacsko and Aaron Powers.

About Powers Excavating (PEI)Aaron and Bob Powers, co-founders, have operated fleets of heavy equipment for a combined 40+ years and have seven years heavy hauling and excavating experience in Teton Valley under PEI. PEI brings the RAD Curbside Team experience with regulatory protocol compliance, heavy hauling experience and mechanical expertise. PEI operates and maintains a fleet of heavy equipment including dump trucks, excavators, a screener and loaders. A full time mechanic services all equipment in-house. PEI operates and processes various aggregate, operates the Fox Creek Quarry and produces and sells high quality compost and topsoil.

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