$205,000 Saved in 2016…. from What?

It’s the result of recycling and diversion!

Teton County’s Transfer Station’s report on October 20, 2016, confirmed a net savings of $205,000 due to recycling and diversion during the 2016 Fiscal Year. However, the question “Is recycling worth it?” can still be oddly difficult to answer in social conversation. Here are three simple facts to know and reply with:

Saves Tax Payer Money

  • On October 20, 21016, Teton County Idaho’s Transfer Station Supervisor reported a $205,000 cost-savings between October 1, 2015, and October 1, 2016, due to diversion and recycling Diversion and recycling are approximately a $56/ton cost savings vs. Landfilling

Recycling Services Create Local Jobs

When the County Contract was awarded to a locally owned and operated company…

  • 3 new full-time local jobs with benefits were created
  • 2 part-time local jobs became full-time with benefits

Reduces Our Communities’ Financial Liabilities of Landfilling

  • The former, and now closed, Teton County Landfill has cost residents over $1 Million dollars in tax money and will require significant annual costs for monitoring and management for the next 30 years (and that’s if there are no issues).
  • Did you know our community is financially responsible for material we landfill at Circular Butte/Mud Lake? For example, if there were a $1 Million environmental issue at that landfill, Teton County would be responsible for the cost proportionate to what we have sent there since 2010. For example, if the transfer station contributed 20% of the landfill material, Teton County would be responsible for a $200,000 cost with minimal notice. The point, by diverting and recycling, we reduce the weight of material we send to Circular Butte Landfill, therefore reducing our percentage of contributions and related costs.

Walk-Away Stats:

July/Aug/Sept 2015 = 16 tons of cardboard recycled through RAD.

July/Aug/Sept 2016 = 40 tons of cardboard recycled through RAD.

Next Steps?

  • Invest the cost-savings in the processes and equipment that will help save more money in the long-term? We think so! Why wouldn’t you invest in something that saves money?
  • Normalize service costs amongst all tax-paying citizens of Teton County so the value of recycling and diversion can be more clear.

Interested in seeing the full report? Download it here.

Let's see if we can beat that number next year. Do your part and click here to sign up for curbside trash and recycling pickup today!

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